Artisteo TV - Logo reflects and is metallic in style.


ナイトアイボーテを実際に使ってみてどんな感じだったのかをまとめてみました! 高価な物だし、簡単に手が出せないアイテムなだけあって、色んなレビューが欲しくなりますよね! ぜひ、購入の際の参考にしてみてください!!

Artisteo TV website cover - A tv from the 1990's with the artisteo logo inside of the screen.

BlackySpeakz on Lil Baby – Whos fooling you?

BlackySpeakz is a YouTube critic and HipHop aficionado. His optimistic, mostly unbiased approach to creating and producing his informative videos is very popular! Massing BlackySpeakz over 700K subscribers.