Bearing – “Jussie Smollett’s lies”, actions like that aren’t noble.

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The Update!

Jussie Smollett had the world fooled when he staged a hate crime. The actor most notably known for his roles in the television series “empire”, played out his best performance in the year of 2019. Tricking the world into believing he was the victim of a hate crime.
YouTuber, “Bearing” is known for his controversial commentary on current issues. This video however is a blatant statement against atrocity. Recent comments made by a popular TV personality while on air have echoed as idiocracy. Amanda from “The Real Daytime” made comments about Smolletts actions being noble.

Most recent events!

After being cleared of charges in 2019, the actor has this year (2020) appeared at Illinois Supreme Court. In which the court is not throw out the charges against Jussie Smollett. The actor failed to get the special prosecutor removed from the investigation into the hoax that Mr Smollett perpetrated. Facing six new charges it would of been a big help if Mr Smollett had his requests met. However under the circumstances, I’m sure you’d agree his actions deserve penance if he isn’t sorry for the crimes he has committed.

Original Story – It changed a few times!

In January 2019, Chicago police were investigating a suspected racist and homophobic attack on Smollett by two masked men. Reproted to them by Jussie Smollett himself.

The actor told police he was punched in the face, had an “unknown substance” poured on him while rope was wrapped around his neck in a noose. This of course left Chicago and the rest of the world in panic and shock at such a horrific crime. Police swiftly picked up on the investigation. Later announcing the hoax, Chicago police chief spoke at a press conference only days after the events had apparently taken place. Speaking of his disgust and disdain for such allegations to of been made by Mr Smollett.

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